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Best Sports Facilities in Salt Lake

Kalyani Public School provide students with the best sports facilities in Salt Lake. Our PE teacher makes many sporting bodies conduct a quality assured physical education program. Our weekly sporting time is a great way for students to train for the respective game, learn new sports. Students can have fun whilst being active indoor, as well as outdoor sports and innovating students' skills. Special yoga session to the ingredients of the athletes.

Children have the most amazing imaginations, in fact, they can pretty much play with anything. They have that magical ability to take something as simple as a cardboard box and turn it into something else. While they are quite capable of keeping themselves entertained with their own games and make-believe worlds, our immersive school playground, and best sports facilities can make their make-believe world real for them.

Therefore, we provide students of both all age groups with a big sports ground and other best sports facilities to help them venture into their sports interest and bring their imagination to life.

House System

One of our best sports facilities is our House System. Kalyani Public School, Salt Lake is divided into four houses Blue, Red, Green and Yellow.

The house division provides the opportunity to the students to develop their organizational ability in the best way possible and enrich themselves through healthy house competitions organized by the school throughout the year.

Each house is controlled and regulated by the house captain under the close supervision of the house teachers. Vide this system, the initiative and capabilities of the students are continuously monitored and those with inherent and cultivated good leadership qualities are selected to the perfect’s council. This not only helps student to explore the best extra-curricular activities provided by us, but also help them build their leadership skills and learn important 21st century skills, like teamwork. This is why this is one of our best sport facilities that we offer to students.